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We are the ultimate digital matchmaker for a sustainable world! Pinpointing those amazing Budtrekkers and setting them on a path to find their desired eco-friendly product, dispensary, accessory, or next travel adventure! Building the lux-life of service and convenience.

Become a Trekker and take your experience to the next level!

Whether buying local or traveling, find friendly places to stay, sustainable products, and cool things to do! Join as a BTprime member and receive deeper discounts along with other great spiffs!



We are taking travel to new high!

Don’t spend hours searching for the perfect accommodation or travel reservation. From friendly hotels to private jet services. Business, pleasure, or a weekend getaway we have you covered!


Immerse yourself in the local scene, unwind with an infused massage, or find new adventures and events to check off your bucket list!


Indulge in the best restaurants, or locate an up and coming hot spot! Looking to elevate your pallet? Track down chefs holding private dinners, the perfect cbd infused coffee shop, or quench that midnight pizza craving!


Luxe Life

Luxury and convenience all rolled into one. Eco-Style. Eco-Home. Canna-Gadgets. Hemp Based Brands. And more

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